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Chapter Summaries of The Power of Place

Hey guys I found my old summer assignment on the Power of Place, and I hope this helps!

Chapter 1: Globals, Locals, and Mobals According to Harm De Blij, the world is categorized into 2 groups: the core countries and periphery countries.  Being born in either a core or periphery country can have a large impact on whether you are a global, local, or mobal. The globals are usually found in the core countries which are located in countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, America, and most of west Europe. Since most globals

Chapter Summaries of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Hey guys I found my old summer assignments on the 7 Habits, and I hope they help!
Part one: Get in the Habit Habits are a big part of a teenager’s life. They can either balance out a teen’s complicated and busy life or make life harder and make it into a disaster. Kids always complain that they don’t have time for anything because of all their schoolwork, friends, family, sports, etc. Some kids even go through