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Social Psychology FRQ

Jacquie and Lisa are part of a group at the local high school that is trying to end the cliquishness in the high school that has led to fights after school. Explain how what each of the following terms means and how it might contribute to the situation.  a. prejudice b. in-group c. social norm d. scapegoating e. equal status contact

Psychological Disorders FRQ

Cory has difficulty leaving his house on time since it takes him so long to check everything and to make sure his bathroom is clean. He gets upset easily when his mother tries to rush him. He will yell and scream when she asks him to stop and get going. Explain what each term is and how it applies to his experience.  a. obsessive-compulsive disorder b. DSM-IV c. Psychopathology d. Behavioral perspective

Sensation and Perception FRQ

Explain how a football player would make use of each of the following during a game.  a. Visual acuity b. Gate control theory  c. kinesthesis d. location of sound e. convergence  f. selective attention

Psychology Neuroscience FRQ

As a parent you are trying to stress to your child why wearing a helmet when bike riding is so important. Your child is trying to tell you they feel dumb and look silly wearing a helmet, but your concern is their safety. Using the following terms, explain to your child why it is imperative to wear a helmet.

Best Online Clothing Store Ever!

So recently I found this website It is like an online thrift store, and they have AMAZING deals. I got 12 pieces for around $60. That's almost $5 a piece, and on top of that it was free shipping! Now I did use a 40% off coupon, and its probably not available anymore, but thredup always has great deals. If you download their app, and make a purchase through your phone, its 20% off your entire order.

2013-2014 AP SCORES!

SO during the 2013-2014 school year, I took AP Chemistry, AP World History, and AP Psychology. I am happy to say that I PASSED of the three tests. YAY! For both Chemistry and World History, I got a 3. I actually really wanted to get a 4 in Chemistry and I thought I got a 2 in World, so I guess it all worked out for me getting 3 on both. Then in Psychology, I got a 5!! WOOP! I was quite surprised but nevertheless very happy. Overall, I would say that it was satisfying.