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Influence of Byzantine Empire

Known for being the most powerful society of its time, the Byzantine Empire enjoyed a period of prosperity and progression. The Byzantines outlasted its predecessor, the Roman Empire, and managed to survive for about a thousand years, thus influencing neighboring states and even the modern world. Validating this claim, influences of the Byzantine Empire are present in the spread of Christianity and modern day Mediterranean cuisine.  

Tell Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe Summary Analysis

In The Tell Tale Heart, Poe illustrates a story of a person that is psychologically disturbed. However, the narrator claims he is sane by telling the readers how calm and careful he is. The story starts off with the narrator explaining his reasoning for wanting to kill the old man. His passion grew not from money or greed, but from his hatred of the old man’s pale blue eyes, the Evil Eye. The narrator separates the vulture eye from the old man because although he is obsessed with getting rid