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AP World History Study Guide Answers

1. Explain gender roles within hunter / gatherer societies? Men: leadership roles, hunting roles; Women: gathered nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Although were men still superior to women, the status gap b/w men and women was not wide
2. Explain the (changes / transformations / impact) of the Neolithic Revolution on: political / economic and social institutions. Through domestication of animals, there was a higher yield of crops because animals were used on the field Agriculture allowed for a stable food source With more food, populations began to bloom which resulted in even more food because of there were more workers out on the fields More jobs opened up for things besides agriculture since only a few people needed to work on the fields The status gap between men and women began to widen, and men became the dominant figure in early civilizations. A patriarchal society arose as women and men assumed different roles; women took care of the children and cooked while men hunted and took on lea…