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Best Freshmen Dorms at Emory 2016/2017

Assignments for all freshmen dorms are RANDOM

1. Raoul Hall

Raoul Hall is the newest building. It has a ground floor and 4 floors above that. Raoul Hall is divided into two wings, the east and west wings. However the wings are connected, and the laundry room is located in only one of the wings. Rooms are biggest! Also Raoul Hall has suites as well as normal rooms. The best suite is the one with a vestibule because the rooms aren't connected to the bathroom. Also this hall has an elevator. Floors are co-ed.  2. Longstreet Means Hall

LSM is also relatively new, and it is the largest dorm hall. The lobby is very nice (residents brag about the fireplace), and there is a ground floor and 5 floors above that. This hall also has an elevator, and the bathrooms are relatively clean. This hall also has suites but doesn't have the vestibule ones. Floors are co-ed.  3. Turman/Hamilton  These halls are also relatively nice, but they are simply smaller buildings. These dorms do not have suites…