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Soc 101 frq answer

How does the movie 13th characterize criminal justice system and political systems? How are discrimination and mass incarceration related? How is this different from Feigen? Give summary of the film. Give definition of discrimination.

· Discrimination: actions or practices carried out by members of dominant racial or ethnic groups that have a differential and negative impact on members of subordinate racial and ethnic groups

Soc 101 free response answer

A student remarked isn’t a child’s death horrible. Explain the cultural shift from useful to useless child and the moral justifications that come along to both sides.

Soc 101 free response answers

A politician recently said: “The American Dream is real. In the U.S., every child is born with the same opportunities for economic success.” How would Robert Reich (in the film Inequality for All) critique this statement? In support of your answer: a) Describe the social structural realities discussed in the film. OR b) Describe the “model of society” Reich offers. Is it more in line with Marx’s model or Weber’s model? Explain each model and defend your opinion with examples from the film.

Sociology 101 Free Response answers

A politician recently said: “The American Dream is real. In the U.S., every child is born with the same opportunities for economic success.” How would Annette Lareau (Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families) critique this statement? In support of your answer: a) Describe the different childrearing strategies of the two social class groups. b) Discuss what effects these strategies have on interactions outside the home. Discuss the overall consequences for the two social class groups.

“How to Tame a Wild Tongue” Analysis

In “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, Anzaldua experiences a “contact zone”, a meeting of different cultures on uneven terms due to a power difference, with the intermixing of her American and Mexican cultures (Pratt 34). Because of the existing nature of dominant and subordinate roles within this contact zone, Anzaldua incorporates both Chicano Spanish and English into her daily life as an act to lessen the power difference, allowing her Mexican culture to take a more influential part in her life.

Soc 101 Nurses and Routinization Analysis

Routinization is an organized system of procedures and patterns over an extended period of time that people closely follow. In the case of a hospital, the jobs of nurses are part of routinization. It is important to routinize tasks in a hospital because the unexpected or upsetting events that arise need to become “ordinary and mundane” to a nurse. Nurses need to learn how to mentally and emotionally control themselves when faced with instances such as deformed newborns and witnessing leg amputations. They cannot be upset or panicked because this would negatively affect the patients. Thus for these reasons, nurses need to learn how to tackle these traumatic cases casually through routinization. Routinization in a hospital involves four key aspects that revolve around learning the geography, language, techniques, and patients according to Chamblis. For learning the geography, the nurses must familiarize themselves with the physical setting of the hospital. For example, they must know whe…

Racism in Ancient Greek and American Slavery Reflection

Although not connected, American and Ancient slavery had similar images and ideas that arose from the practice as noted by Kelly L. Wrenhaven. I agree with this because people have a set view and image of what a “slave” should look like. For instance, American slavery is highly linked to race, and

Social Norms Experiment Research Paper

Introduction For this social experiment, I violated social norms by walking around with an open umbrella in an indoor area, specifically down the halls of the residence halls. Typically, umbrellas are apparatuses associated with outdoor areas on days with precipitation, most of the times that being rain. In most cases in our society, umbrellas are given the role of protecting our hair, skin, clothes,

QTM project using R

title: "QTM Project"
output: html_document

```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

For this QTM project, **I am interested in whether the amount of fries in a large order versus a small order justifies the higher cost**, and I will conduct a **two sample t test** with the data I have gathered. By doing this experiment, I want to figure out which size fries is a better deal so that the next time I know which size I should order with my 20 piece chicken nuggets.

Assumptions for the two sample t test:

* **Randomization**:
For this experiment, I used three different McDonald’s locations (Duluth, Suwanee, Decatur) on three different days to randomize my sample. At each location, my friends/family and I ordered 5 small and 5 large Fries to get a total sample of 15 small fries and 15 large fries.

* **Indepedence**:
The sample values are independent of each other. The price of small fries did not affect the price of large fries and vice versa. The …

Italian 101 cooking skit script

every one: Ciao
person 1 : Come stai?
person 2 :Sto stanca. Ho avuto una giornata lunga.
person 3 : Anch’io. Non ho mangiato. Ho molta fame.
person 4: Che cosa mangiamo per la cena? person 1: Andiamo al ristorante in Emory Village?
person 2: No, non ho i soldi
person 3: si. Cuciamo per la cena
person 4: non cucino mai.
person 3: mi piace cucinare
person 1: bene. Cuciamo il cibo facile ed economico.
person 2: la cucina per i studenti universitari  
person 4: che cosa dovremmo cucinare?
person 3: andiamo alla cucina a vedere
person 3: Bon apetit

ANT 201 Quiz 6 Study guide

Emergence of Homo

What was the main characteristic about climate during the Pleistocene (Ice Ages) that was different from what came before? Ice ages!But icy only in EurasiaCharacterized by large climatic shifts, and some of the coldest global climates in over 450 million years
Know at least three selective pressures faced by early Homo that came with these changes in climate Seasonal environmentTerrestrial predatorsHeat stressMosaic environmentsCompetition with other animalsCompetition among themselves

Know three characteristics of the head of early Homo that are derived (new) from those of Australopithecus Rounded cranium Smaller molars and premolarsGracile mandibleLarge incisorsRounded maxilla (upper jaw)Brow ridgesCranial capacity > 500cc
In what parts of Africa has early Homo been found? East and south africaEarly homo = Pan African. Not just East/South Africa
Which genera of hominins are found at the same time as early Homo? How is it possible that these closely-related hominins could…