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Girl Talk: My experience with getting my period!

To start off, I was an early bloomer. I started near the end of 5th grade. Thankfully, it didn't burst at school; I woke up one morning ande went to go the restroom. I was very confused to see brown stains on the toilet paper. LOL it wasn't poop, but dried blood. However as being an 11 year old, I got scared and called my mom. She looked at it and said, "Congratulations" you've started your period. LOL I was happily surprised, so I went to school that day with a bunch of pads my mom packed. Because I didn't know what the heck was going on, every time I felt something coming out down there, I ran to the restroom and changed. I ended using around 6 or 7 pads that day; LOL I know insane. Throughout the whole day, I felt very very uncomfortable and tired, but my dad treated me to TGI Friday's for dinner YAY :). For becoming a "woman", my parents got me a small diamond studded ring and silver necklace from Jared. Luckily, there were no bad memories …

My experience with AP Exams and rescoring

For me AP Exams = bad experience. LOL to be honest, I should have studied more. Anywho, so far I have failed one of my exams, the AP Human Geography exam. I received a 2 on it.I was expecting at least a passing score because I was confident I did somewhat well and I was able to answer all of the free response questions. I was so flustered and disappointed that I decided to pay an extra $25 to have it rescored. I was hoping that they lost my booklet and only my MC portion got graded.After 2 weeks, I received the mail and it stated that 2 was the correct score. T^T. Now some time has passed, I should have just accepted my grade and saved my money because in the end it doesn't really matter; its not going to determine if you are successful or not. Also, it is not something you have to talk about in your college application; talking about your rigorous AP course is still impressive. BUT at the time it was a huge let down so the moral is to STUDY HARD!